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“Within 5 days of working with Elisha we generated 7 warm leads. Within the first week we were able to close on two of those leads which lead to two 21kw installs.”
Erick Sanchez - Best Solar Deals

Turning $209.13 inro $62,000: Solar Lead Generation

The owner of a local solar company wanted to reach a local audience and connect with them to sell more residential solar. The objective of the campaign was to generate targeted homeowner leads and get more solar sales. We created a targeted ad campaign that ran a “Request A Quote” style ad to the target audience. The campaign generated over $62,000 of closed solar deals within the first seven leads generated on less than $300 of ad spend.
Total Spend: $209.13
Total Leads: 7
Cost Per Lead: Approximately $29.88 Per Lead
New Customers: 2
Total Revenue: $62,418

$22 leads, $6,000 sales. Solar lead generation in the U.K.

Last year, I had the pleasure of running a campaign with a solar company out of the U.K.After 130 leads, the client was able to get 15 appointments set and five residential solar sales, averaging approximately £5,500-£6,000 per sale. The campaign started at about $35 per lead and was reduced down to approximately $22 per lead through split testing. Let’s build the sustainable future together!

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