Five Quick Local Real Estate Marketing Tips

November 13, 2019

Let’s face it. Because of all the competition, even your best real estate marketing strategies from a few years ago might be outdated and producing subpar results these days. 

To make matters worse, big companies like Zillow and Redfin are doing their best to make realtor’s jobs obsolete by stepping their foot in the arena. 

Scary right? It doesn’t have to be…

Smart agents are learning how to adapt their real estate marketing strategies and use the right tools and tricks to their advantage. 

 In order to get you thinking strategically, here are 5 foolproof real estate marketing techniques that will work for the foreseeable future.  

Technique #1 - Know Your Audience 

This is the first step in any marketing campaign and is often overlooked, you need a clear idea of who it is you’re trying to reach.

As a real estate agent, your target audience is limitless. Instead of going broad, you need to determine the key information on your ideal target market, such as:

  • Demographics (age, location, etc.)
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Where they spend their time online

There are a number of ways to gather this type of information. You can:

  • Share polls on your Facebook page and other social media networks.
  • Run an ad that offers something in return for basic customer insights. For example, offer a free eBook, webinar, or buyer/seller guide.
  • Review the types of questions and comments people leave on your social media posts. 

Another way to learn about your customers is to use a tool like Facebook Audience Insights which will give you in-depth information about different target markets you are searching for. 

Your target market should be people that you want to interact with and serve. Let’s face it, you’ll be spending a ton of time with these people and you should be able to relate with them. This will also allow you to become an expert when it comes to finding and attracting these prospects. 

Technique #2 - Blend Traditional with Digital 

With the majority of real estate buyers online, your marketing strategy needs to include digital marketing to reach more people in a more effective way.

At the same time, you don’t want to completely drop old tactics that have worked and spend all day behind your computer. Going to local events and getting involved in the community is a great way to meet more people and attract your ideal target market. 

Digital marketing allows you to reach more people with less effort.

For example, reaching people that are already home shopping is as simple as determining your target audience when you create your Facebook ad. 

There are many advantages to using digital marketing in your real estate business — you increase ROI, get more brand exposure, save time, and do more with your available time — but don’t feel you have to completely abandon older methods that still work for you.

Instead, combine the old with the new to create a full-proof marketing campaign.

For example:

  • Pass out flyers around the neighborhood about an upcoming Open House but also create a Facebook Live promoting it.
  • Launch listing ads both on social media platforms and in local newspapers.
  • Gain leads through cold emailing and social media networking along with cold calling.

What’s great about combining different kinds of real estate marketing is you hit a large amount of people and cater to people’s differing needs.

Technique #3 - Use Live Video to Connect with People 

Research shows that live video is becoming one of the most powerful ways to capture people’s attention and keep them engaged. Facebook reports that people spend three times longer watching live videos than non-live videos.

As a real estate agent, you can use Facebook Live to engage audiences in a number of ways, such as informing people about the local market or giving a tour of a home

To build a following around your videos, try and create content consistently.

For example, if you work with a lot of investors, start a regular event where you talk about off-market deals, fix & flip before/afters, etc. This segment of your audience will keep coming back to hear what new information you have to share and grow to trust your insights.

Live videos are raw which makes it so appealing to people, so don’t be afraid to be yourself and get creative with your posts.

Technique #4 - Use Automation in Your Business 

Between creating marketing campaigns and meeting people at events, real estate marketing can be extremely time consuming.

Since you’re busy handling fires with clients, paperwork, and more, it can seem as if there’s never enough time in the day. While some activities need you there at all times, many of these tasks can be automated to help save you time.

For example:

  • To simplify creating beautiful graphics for your social media posts, use Canva
  • To collect leads without having to build an entire landing page from scratch, use Facebook Lead Forms 
  • To schedule social media content, use Hootsuite.
  • To automate almost anything you can think of (our favorite tool) use Zapier 

Free up your time with automation so that you can spend more time on valuable tasks like following up with leads, showing homes, or getting involved in your community.

Technique #5 - Build a Facebook Page

While there are numerous social media platforms out there, Facebook is still has the biggest user base that you can target online. Creating a Facebook Business Page, then advertising through Facebook’s powerful platform is one such approach that you can take to marketing your real estate real estate business and generating leads and appointments. This is an amazing platform whether you're new to the business or you're a veteran in the field.

Once you've built your Facebook Page, ensure that you're active on there and that you continuously deliver value in every post. Don't spam your fans by trying to pitch them at every turn. Those that give away the most value and engage with their audience win in the end! 

Once you start implementing these techniques, you’ll need to measure the results of your marketing efforts to see what is working best.

The more you test and analyze data, the more insights you’ll have on how to improve your real estate marketing strategy.

The goal of any business is always to increase leads, convert, and grow.

These marketing techniques will help you do that, so you eventually stand out compared to other real estate agents also working in your local area.

By: Luke Faulconer, Founder, Peak Leads

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