Three Key Tips For Real Estate Follow Up

November 14, 2019

Sales follow up is a crucial part in the sales cycle and yet it’s often overlooked. However, there’s a reason the saying goes “The Fortune is in The Follow Up”.

How does one go about effectively following up with a prospective client to maintain momentum without coming off as over bearing or pushy?

Here are 3 Keys on how to properly follow up and secure your sale!

1. Ask Questions.

It is so important to get to know your potential client and their needs, which will then shape your responses and give you the proper knowledge as to what product or service best serves their needs.

Additionally, ask for guidance on the best way to follow up with them. This may sound obvious however many salesman try to tell the client/prospect what’s best for them before they have even listened to what their prospects wants and needs.

Do they prefer calls, email or text? Do they prefer to talk in the morning or afternoon? Have you taken the time to ask what their ideal home looks like?

Asking questions allows you to show that you CARE.

And in real estate, this makes all the difference, especially in competitive markets.

2. FAMBAM (From A Meeting, Book A Meeting)

Sometimes your prospects are still asking themselves, "Does it make sense to move forward or not?"

From the outside, you won't know.

Become an asset in their decision making process, don’t just “touch base”.

When following up, continue to provide value to your client.

Nobody wants to be sold but EVERYBODY WANTS TO BUY.

Share with your prospect personalized examples of how you’ve helped people just like them find their perfect home. Explain the process to them, keep them in the loop, tailor your messaging to their needs.

And always always always make sure to set a specific time to check in with them or have the next appointment every time you finish talking to them.

3. Micro Commitments.

As we said above, it’s important to ask questions.

This accomplishes two goals.

One, this shows them that you actually care about them.

Two, every time they respond with a positive reply, they’re making a micro commitment to the process.

When they tell you what their preferred forms of communication are, if they will respond and when to expect a response (a range), they’re making a micro commitment. When they tell you about their ideal home, they’re making a micro commitment. When they trust you to start the pre-qualification process, they’re making a micro commitment.

Build these micro commitments into your follow up with a sense of empathy and you’ll find that your prospects will be more engaged in the process.

The more you your prospects (micro) commit (especially over text or email/written) the more likely they are to follow through and show up for your follow up call/meeting.

If you combine all three of these not-so-secret keys into one system, you will begin to see your sales numbers improve and your close rates transform.

By: Ian Phoenix, Co-Founder, Escrow Leads

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