Seven Key Questions To Ask Your Buyer Leads

December 7, 2019

Realtors! Did you know one of the BIGGEST time wasters realtors encounter is wasting time on showings with unqualified buyers?

You’ve probably already experienced this too many times.

So how can you avoid time wasters?

One of the best ways to weed out time wasters is by asking them these eight key questions before you ever even think about showings.

These questions weed out unqualified prospects, people working with other realtors and people who can’t afford to buy a home while giving you the full picture of your prospect’s current reality.

So I won’t waste your time anymore :-)

Here’s seven key questions to ask your buyer leads:

1) What kind of home are you most interested in?

2) When are you planning on buying your new home?

3) Do you have a real estate agent already?

4) What would you say is your credit score is?

5) Have you been pre-qualified for a home loan yet?

6) What would a comfortable Mortgage Payment be for you?

7) Do you have a min 3.5% down payment to purchase your home?

Ask these seven questions and you’ll quickly identify who your best prospects are without the hassle of going from showing to showing only to find out your prospect isn’t qualified.

By: Elisha Israel, Co-Founder, Escrow Leads

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